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Please: don't use my drawings as your own. Don't redistribute, rework or reprint my drawing without my permission. If you want something, would like to ask me about some stuff or just wish to talk to me - feel free to send me a message ;)

For drawing so much Free! I should draw Matsuoka siblings more often… Especially Gou needs more attention.

Truly speaking, I don’t know Rin is jealous or just disappointed of Gou’s taste… :D
And yeah, I love drawing Rin as shark, it’s easy, it’s funny, it suits him best! (This is what FMA taught me ;))

Random fact: because first I wrote the dialog and much later checked if everything is correct (English is NOT my native language and I’m practically self-taught), I wanted to make sure the word “fabulousness” exists and means what I want it to mean :’D So: Google and I’ve found this one:
Because I used this word to describing Haruka, I thought that “gay” around other synonims very funny… Btw I’ve had no idea it could mean something different than homosexual. Learn&Play with Free!

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